WP2 Requirement Elicitation

D2.1 Requirement Report (Finished)

D2.2 Scope and Description of PoC (Finished)

WP3 Knowledge Graph Management

D3.1 Ontology, Vocabularies and Mapping (Finished)

D3.2 Data Acquisition Methods and Tools (Finished)

D3.3 Data Fusion Methods and Tools (ongoing)

WP4 Bridging Knowledge Graph and AI

D4.1 Typology of Semantic AI Systems and Approaches (Finished)

D4.2 Blocks and Functions of Semantic AI (Finished)

D4.3 Generic-as-Possible Solutions for Text Processing and Case Prediction (ongoing)

WP5 Auditable AI Systems

D5.1 Automated context information capturing method (Finished)

D5.2 Context data model, integration, and enrichment methods (Finished)

D5.3 System monitoring and verification methods (Finished)

D5.4 Framework for auditable and resilient systems (ongoing)